The best way to learn socially engaged design is to apply it and reflect upon it.  This page lists some curricular and co-curricular ways you can get involved with a design project or bring your own big idea.  Then, come use Insitu services like SEDA online learning blocks or the consultation service to improve your work.

Also check out other opportunities to engage with Insitu through events, internships, job openings, and funding opportunities. We invite you to follow us on social media or watch our headlines to get the latest updates.

Insitu Events

Come learn more about Insitu this fall, practice the basics of socially engaged design with a community-building event, and visit us around campus:


Many student organizations apply principles of socially engaged design in their own work.  If you’re looking for a way to build your design skills and get involved on campus and in the community, check out some of these orgs who are friends of Insitu:


There are many ways to study principles of socially engaged design across the University of Michigan.  Many units use slightly different language from the words you’ll find on Insitu’s website so feel free to schedule a consultation with us if you’d like help navigating what’s out there.  Just a few of the units offering courses, research projects, or resources in this area:

Offering undergraduate minors (and much more):

Offering other graduate student academic resources and services (and much more):

Leading research initiatives:

Annual Conferences

Network and/or present on your own socially engaged design work with professionals in the field at one of these conferences: